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    They are correct Ally, it is 1400 or 2800 per can.

  • Jason

    Too bad aspartame is basically embalming your body. Leading cause in migraines, depression, MS and much more. It’s a horrible chemical stay away!!!

  • Melissa

    There is no Aspartame in this drink, otherwise I wouldn’t be drinking it :p

  • Longbeachone

    Yum!!! I think it tastes like carbonated pineapple juice. By far the best energy drink I have ever tasted. To all of you energy drink haters…please go whine in your wheat grass juice and let us go about our energized lives in peace.

  • Dutch

    VERY Fresca like! I’m a fan, targeted for the gals or not.

  • Roma

    Let be clear on aspertame – does Monster Absoluteky Zro contain any?

  • span>

    No, it’s sweetened with sucralose, Ace k and Erythritoll sugar-free-energy-drink-chart

  • Streamline

    This shit is good. Just when I quit drinking energy drinks, wow, this shit is really good.

  • Krystina Fox

    this is the only monster I will drink

  • Leto_Atreides

    I’m a guy and this is by far my favorite Monster energy drink. I also like the white textured can. Great design.

  • anomie

    no. 70mg per 8 oz. 140mg per can

  • Ted

    yes, that is what we have listed in the review above and in our database.

  • KyleRees

    Dude get off your conspiracy theory train and join the rest of the world. Your claims are verified as false as evidenced in this medical/toxins/aspartame.asp

  • KyleRees

    I agree on all counts. I used to drink the low carb blue monster, and got tired of that nasty taste. I switched to the Blue Low Carb Rockstar which has a great sweet taste. Now I have a Monster alternative to the blue Rockstar! =)

  • Cheerytoes

    I don’t normally drink soda, but I drink one of these a day at work…it’s so YUMMY…I like the lift it gives, better than straight coffee (which I love) something about the blend makes me feel clearer headed. I buy it at the local Walmart 10 cans for $14.40. It’s an expensive habit even at that low price, but what can I say…I enjoy it.

  • burtonlive

    It doesn’t even have aspartame in it. Do some reading before you post.

  • Brad Porter

    Though I like the Ultra Blue better, I like the Ultra Red as well.

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